1983 - Star Slammers original art by Walt Simonson

Imagine going back to 2009 and telling your iPhone 3GS-carrying self that, by 2013, you’d be downloading apps by scanning your fingerprint on the Home button.

Federico Viticci, iOS 8 Wishes

It’s pretty great, some times, living in the future.


Heading out. 


Ryan Church’s concept for the firey planet Mustafar


Artist of the Week - David Michael Beck


‘A Film About Johnny Cash’s Out Among the Stars’, A Short Documentary That Pays Tribute to the Man in Black

There are a lot worse ways to spend 16 minutes than watching this. Father John Mistry’s cover of “Baby Ride Easy,” recorded as a duet by Johnny and June, is beautiful.


New toys.


#DailySketch The Maxx

The Maxx is one of my favorite things ever and my buddy Ryan Ottley drew him a few days ago so I couldn’t’ resist a quick sketch myself. I usually do watercolors but I left them at home so I pulled out the old colored pencils.

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